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3 Unified Communications Trends You Need to Know


3 Unified Communications Trends You Need to Know

Unified communications will be the mainstream communication tools used by enterprise, with its extensive business benefits, businesses won’t take long to start embracing the technology. Players like Avaya, Mitel and Microsoft are at the forefront of Unified Communications technology.

As technology evolves and new technology emerges, 5 trends we need to know that are changing the entire enterprise communication landscape.

1. Cloud based UC Solutions
With the emergence of cloud based UC solutions, and providing businesses the flexibility with IT resources and spending (pay based on number of users), make migration to cloud a natural choice to make. According to Gartner, public cloud services will be worth a whopping $204 billion in 2016, with year on year growth rate of 16.5%.

Businesses turn to SaaS to reduce dependency of building in house expertise and achieve near instant deployment.

Enterprises are turning to SaaS partially because they lack in-house expertise and need speedier deployment.

2. Mobile UC
With the growing digital economy, mobility became the primary consideration when comes to enterprise communication solutions. Users are expecting seamless integration of their desktop based UC applications to run smoothly on their mobile devices like tablets and phones.

3. Web based conferencing
Most of the time, video/voice conferencing are usually carried out via a standalone app to facilitate the communication. This means that the receiving party will need to have the compatible app installed. With web based conferencing, no app is required and users can simply “click to call” within a web browser.

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