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3 Easy to Follow Steps to Digital Transformation

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What is digital transformation?

We all must have heard of this trending term, so what is "digital transformation"?

Digital transformation refers to the extensive and accelerating transformation of your business activities and processes leveraging on technologies.

A company's communication system is the core to its day to day operation and we will be sharing clear and easy to adopt steps to kick start your digital transformation journey.

Embrace the increasing dependence on mobile devices and how companies can integrate it into their business.

Stay agile and responsive to how work gets done in your company. Going mobile helps everyone in the team to stay efficient and productive, allowing you to gain the competitive edge against your competitors.

First, you must build and design their workplace with mobile in mind, equipping them with the right tools and technologies to go where the business takes them without being restricted by any outdated IT infrastructure.

Step 1: Kick start the transformation with the right collaboration tool

Make collaboration a norm in your company. Collaboration tools like SharePoint empowers every team member to quickly share, manage and seamlessly collaborate regardless where they are.

In fact, more than 60% of firms using team collaboration tools report saving three hours a week per mobile worker – that amounts to 12 extra hours of productivity per month.

Step 2: Save time and money with the right conferencing tool

Are you staying back in office till 10pm just to attend a 7am conference call with US counterparts?

With technology advancement in business communication system, the above situation is in the past. Jump in to any meeting anytime anywhere via your mobile devices with Skype for Business.

Your team need not fly across the globe or stay back in offices just to attend a meeting. All they need is Skype for Business solutions and companies can save cost and time. With freed up resources, companies can invest them in areas that matters!

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Step 3: "Un-limit" your mailboxes

Are you deleting emails just to free up spaces for new ones?

Are you one of the victim in the recent "Wannacry" Crytoworm Ransomware attack?

Time spent can be better utilize by your team for task that matters more, such as driving more sales for the company. And you should be free of being worried about your companies cyber security.

With Exchange Online, you can enjoy huge mail storage and security features to give you the peace of mind.


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