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5 Contact Centre Trends You Need to Know In 2019

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Contact Centre Trends You Need to Know In 2019

In our previous article, we discussed 5 contact centres trends you need to know in 2018. With the year 2018 coming to an end, it is time we revisit and find out what are the latest contact centre trends coming up in the brand new year.

Customer Experience

A call centre is set up with one key purpose, which is to ensure a positive experience in every customer interactions.

Even if you are the biggest corporations or selling the most popular product, a poor customer will put a dent on your top line.

According to a study by PwC, 42% of the consumers said that they would "pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience" and 52% would pay more for "a speedy and efficient customer experience".

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Gamification in the Contact Centre

When the call centre agents' role is to answer phone calls every day, keeping them motivated is a challenge faced by all companies.

In most cases, your agents may feel under-motivated a lot of the time. That's why gamification helps to motivate them by combining the fun and rewards from a game. Putting in place a points and rewards system to allow agents to redeem gifts based on the points received creates a tangible goal for them to work towards daily.

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Voice Biometrics for Authentication

According to Pin Drop, companies are losing $14 billion to fraud attacks annually, which amounted to an average $0.58 loss for every incoming call. Call frauds have a significant impact to call centres

Call centres which are still using legacy authentication system put themselves at risk of call fraud. Voice ID will be the next gold standard after fingerprint ID.

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Leveraging on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Government and private corporations around the world have been investing heavily in the area of AI. This has brought forth a significant breakthrough in the development of AI. One specific application of AI such as messaging bots had make its way into the domain of customer experience.

The development of messaging bots powered by AI in call centres can help to give customers the right information they need at the right time by offering self-service options, eliminating the need for a call to customer service. In additions, AI has the potential to give customer service representatives more information to help them handle the complicated issues that self-service cannot resolve.

Combining both AI and human interactions, key data insights are combined with a personable phone manner, helping you to achieve the best results for your customers.

Social Media as a Contact Center Touchpoint

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have evolved and become a key player in customer service.

Nowadays, prospective and existing customers can contact your business's support team through social media channels as an alternative to the good old fashioned calling and emailing. Customers are inclined to use social media channels to contact you because of the instant gratification. Customers now desire instant response instead of waiting for an email response.

Call centres should be incorporating social media into its operation to handle queries. Because of the conversations take place in a public forum, responses should be given quickly and efficiently and never let them go ignored.

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