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8 Must-Have Call Centre Technology You Are Not Using!


What is Call Centre Technology?

Call centre technology encompasses a combination of telecommunication hardware and software.

A call centre typically consist of a customer service executive receiving incoming enquiries calls or a sales representatives making outbound call to prospect. Call centre technology allows automation of call processing and distribution without human intervention.

Aside from communications technology, non-communication technology like CRM software are used.

8 Must-Have Call Centre Technology

1. Automatic call distributors (inbound call centre) and/or diallers (outbound call centre)
Automatic call distributors/diallers (ACDs) are the key technology behind a successfully automated call centre function. In a daily call centre operation, call centre have to process not just calls, but also interactions from channels like emails and instant messenger (IM), creating a true Omnichannel Call Centre experience.

ACD uses a rule based routing strategy, based on the parameters set, it determines how inbound calls are handled and directed. One of the application of ACD is automating the process of dispersing incoming calls to contact centre agents with specific skills or in the relevant departments.

2. Customer relationship management software
Due to the nature of customer handling, a CRM software plays an important role in contact centre technology. Call centre agents use CRM software to understand each customer’s information. This is made possible with documentation of issues or requests raised and what are the steps taken to address them. With all the interaction of a customer and an agent recorded, it makes it easy for them to understand how they can better help the customer.

3. Campaign management system
Outbound call centre requires a campaign management system (CMS) to let the sales representative in call centre know whom to contact, or to produce a list of phone numbers or email contacts. Some CMS will allow the sales representative to record how each customer has responded to each of their sales call.

4. Call recording systems
Regardless of whether the call centre is sales or customer service centric, a call recording systems to capture all interactions are crucial so that they can be replayed when questions to an interaction arises. Interactions not limited to phone calls can be recorded in the system for future references.

5. Interactive voice response systems (IVR) and speech recognition systems
This is a self-service tool that automate the process of handling inbound call. Advanced interactive voice response (IVR) systems incorporate speech recognition feature to allow customers to interact by speaking into the phones instead of pressing of buttons for command input. Automating process like this boost productivity with less manpower and improves customer satisfaction.

6. Workforce management software (WFM)
WFM helps to provide forecast of the call volume and helps call centre. Based on the forecast, call centre managers can better plan the optimal number of call centre agents required to meet projected needs, call volume.

7. Quality management applications
Quality management applications are used to measure the ability of call centre agents adhering to internal policies and procedures. Task based instructions or procedures can be listed to act as guidelines for agents to follow.

8. Computer telephony integration (CTI)
This allows all the different technology mention above to “speak” to each other by connecting the ACD to the CRM or CMS application. For example, when a call is dialled out to a customer, the system will automatically retrieve the information from the CRM applications and display right in front of the agent. Saving the agent from wasting time looking up customer information and it saves the customer time without the need to provide redundant identification or account numbers.


The call centre technology described above are essential and plays important roles in most call centers which adds great value to enterprises and their customers.

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