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Benefits of Unified Communications

3 benefits of Unified Communications you need to know

Companies are starting to discover the appeal of a communications solution that extends the power of their business phone system far beyond dial tone. With Unified Communications technology, it helps businesses to gain an edge by increase productivity and assisting Small and Media Enterprise (SMEs) to take advantage of features that make them appear larger and more competitive. Unified Communications is the “Swiss Army knife” of communications.

Time Saving
Time saving is the key here. Ditch all your dialling and nudging your colleague via phone or instant messaging (IM) application. With Unified communications, you now can see their availability and the best possible way to reach them. Connect through calls, messaging or even start a video conference to get message delivered efficiently and effectively.

Cost Saving
Companies get to save on travelling cost incurred when sending their employees overseas to attend meetings. With video conferencing technology, meeting can be carried out in meeting rooms thousand miles apart without any disruption.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Contact centres are one of the lesser known components within Unified Communications, many sees it as a standalone function. With integration of Unified Communications, it allows a single call centre agent to support multiple interactions simultaneously, regardless of which communications channel the customer has chosen. Companies can also set up virtual contact centre with pre-defined messages and solutions for frequently asked questions. When needed, call can be routed to the right resources. Learn about our Unified Communications solution, speak to our consultant today. Contact us here!

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