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Business Trends 2018: 3 Business Trends to Look Out For

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Business Trends 2018: 3 Business Trends to Look Out For

Here are the 3 business trends that will help you drive success for both you and your company in the coming year 2018.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how we do business today and it can deliver tremendous value for your business if adopted correctly.

Businesses are embracing AI to help them to perform the highly repetitive tasks that were previously performed by humans. AI together with Machine Learning has been made more available to all businesses regardless of their size. It is no longer the privilege for large enterprises.

AI and machine learning are integrated into business productivity tool, allowing small and medium businesses to instantly reap the benefit with just a monthly subscription fee.

Aside from business productivity tools, AI and machine learning algorithms have also been integrated into analytics and CRM platforms to uncover information on how to better serve customers. This can be seen with the increased usage of Chatbots on business websites to provide immediate responds to customers' enquiries 24/7.

2. Collaborative & Mobile Workforce

How much of your productive time is being taken up by physical meetings?

Top 5 factors where your productive time is wasted by physically attending a meeting:

  1. Travelling to meeting venue
  2. Waiting for latecomers
  3. The meetings aren't relevant to everyone in attendance.
  4. Lack of proper meeting agenda/structure
  5. Non-attendance

There are also times whereby attendees simply choose not to attend because of other commitments or simply find the meeting venue too far away to make it worth their time.

With increasing "mobile-first" millennials entering the workforce, the pressure for businesses to go mobile first has also increase.

Companies have since turned to collaborative tools such as Cisco WebEx and Unified Communications Solutions to help them manage their "millennial" workforce better,and  at the same time increasing their productivity.

3. Cyber-security

This trend is not so exciting as compared to the previous 2 but still relevant to businesses. In 2018, the chances of your website being hacked increases dramatically!

The recent Equifax hack was one of the scenario of what could happen to your business too. As more and more data are being stored online, the threat of hackers gaining access to them is much higher than before. A data breach is not just about monetary losses, but you will also lose the trust of your customers.

Prevention is better the cure! Protect your business by keeping your online business data secured.


It is not too late to act now. Speak to our consultant today to find out how our solutions can help your business drive success in the coming year 2018.

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