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Customer Experience Pitfalls – Are You Guilty of Committing Them?

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Customer Experience – Why it matters?

Customer is king.

This is an age-old business teaching that is telling us the importance of customer experience (CX) in every business.

Customer experience means more than just good customer service in today's technologically advanced economy.

Providing an excellent customer experience does not just happen, it is planned. However, many customer experience strategies fail to deliver the desired results due to the lack of a defined plan and direction.

Having a sound customer experience strategy in place help businesses in:

  1. Engaging existing customer
  2. Lowering the cost per customer acquisition
  3. Customer recovery

If all these matters to you, read further to find out the 6 common customer experience pitfalls and how you can avoid them!

6 common customer experience pitfalls

We have identified common customer experience pitfalls across organisations of all sizes.

1. Lack of communication

Customer experience is a team sport. However, departments within most companies work in silo and lack communication. CX should not be seen as a "marketing department business" or operation's matter. Every department within the organisation needs to have a clear understanding of the strategy and the role they play in the entire customer experience journey.

2. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities

A clearly defined role and responsibilities empower your people to make the necessary decision in order to deliver the best customer experience. If they are unsure what they can or cannot do, your CX plan is bound to fail.

3. Assigning a Customer Experience leader

"If everyone is in charge, no one is in charge"

By assigning a capable Chief of Customer Experience, it makes it easier to communicate and execute the CX plan in a frictionless manner.

4. Capturing only part of the customer experience

Identifying all possible touch points between a customer and the organisation is not an easy feat.

A clear mapping of your entire customer journey helps you build the necessary framework required to your CX plan.

5. Misunderstand customers' needs

Misunderstanding your customers' needs results in resources wastage, such as time and money.

What is the best way to find out about your customers' needs?

Ask them

It is that simple.

A quick user research and focus group discussion with your customers can give you deeper insights to you on what matters the most and least.

For example, a car garage believes that by building a new mobile application, it makes it easier for their customer to request for a quick cost estimate simply by taking some photos using their phone.

What they fail to realise is, during a car breakdown, the first thing that comes to the motorist's mind is to call for a car towing service.

6. Overeager to see results

Most organisations fail to see the importance of taking baby steps and deem their CX plan useless when they experience failure.

Start small and build your CX strategy starting from the key to all organisations operations – communication.

Communication is the key to your entire customer experience plan. Start off by implementing a unified communication solution to provide a seamless mode of communications within your organisation.

Once a proper communications solution is mapped, it makes your CX strategy communication a breeze.

Avoid all the common customer experience pitfalls with our unified communications and collaboration solutions today! Contact our team today!


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