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Field Service Management - 4 ways to keep your field service employees happy

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4 ways to keep your field service employees happy

Is your field services workforce happy on the job?

I guess not. And the result is shocking!

Almost two-thirds of service workers (a group that includes maids, taxi drivers and repair workers) aren't engaged in their work. In fact, 18% are actively disengaged, according to Gallup's 2017 State of the Global Workforce survey.

If your employee isn't happy or engaged, chances are that their performance will be negatively impacted, and they're less likely to perform well on the job. In addition, actively disengaged workers may become a liability as they tend to act on their unhappiness.

Making matters worse, field services staff act as the face of the company. And if they are not in their best state of mind, it will adversely reflect in their work quality and customer satisfaction.

Field service management has been made easier with technology. Let us share how technology can assist you and your business to manage your field service workforce more efficiently and effectively.

Using the right tools matter

Having the right tools to assist your field service personnel do their job is the pre-requisite of an engaged employee.

For them, mobility is key. Being offsite for many hours a day makes communication with the home office a challenge. Not mentioning accessing key information such as customer details, service route and schedules. A lone employee without proper support is a formula for creating a disengaged workforce.

Unified communications solutions allows them to liaise easily with the office and having a collaboration tool like Microsoft Team, helps them to check back with their team and work closely with other members who are based in the office.

Emphasize Employee Strength

According to Gallup, when employees do work they're good at, they are more motivated because it will feel less like work. This results in better productivity and performance improvements.

Facilitate teamwork between teams

Being off-site most of the time creates the lack of cohesiveness among the field service team and the home office team. This is one of the main reason that causes the disconnectment and disengagement.

Businesses can also foster engagement by making it easier for teams to collaborate with collaboration tools.

Enable Just-In-Time Learning

Since they work alone most of the time, in fact, they operate more like entrepreneurs than employees.

In additions, the Millennials are making up a significant portion of the entire field services team. For them, they are not afraid to figure out issues on their own accord. By implementing just-in-time learning, they can access to materials, video tutorials and more. They can also learn on the go and not disrupting their offsite schedule.


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