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Complete Guide to Humanising Customer Experience

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Customer Experience – What is it all about?

"Customer experience is the new brand", as quoted by Forbes.

Companies are recognising the importance of delivering an experience. This puts them at an advantage against their competitors.

Transform the way your business interacts with your customers can be the next key focus in your digital transformation initiative.

Putting People First – The Year of Humanity

Customer experience evolves significantly in the past few years. As many aspects of a business had turned to automation using technology, customer experience has gone against the trend and take a more "human" approach.

2018 is the Year of Humanity, as labelled by Temkin Group, enabling companies

to put people first.

According to PwC research, companies risk losing the human touch and connection with their customers as they introduce more technology into their customer experience mix.

And consumers are seeking more human interaction from businesses and not bots.

Humanising the entire customer journey starts from within, the employee. Is your employee experience improved? Have you kept your employee engaged?

Technology helps to facilitate the work but solving a problem still requires a real person. An AI will not show empathy to your customer as compared to a human.

Let us show you 5 ways to a humanised customer experience.

Keep employee engaged

Your customers' first interaction starts with your employee. A bored and unengaged employee will more likely treat your customer badly.

The best way to resolve this is to leverage on software to automate a mundane and repetitive task. This allows them to maximise their time delivering higher value tasks, driving a greater positive impact on the business.

Empower your team

Frontline employees such as sales personnel are both closest to your customers and familiar with your company's processes.

They have the first-hand intelligence on your customers' pet peeves and how you can please them. Empower them to come up with processes enhancement that can help them to keep their customer happy.

When your sales team are engaged and become more invested in the customer experience process, they will more likely to go the extra mile to help you and the customers solve problems.

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Use the right tools

Use technology in the right way will make your humanised customer experience more personalized.

For example, a contact centre staff serves the frontline in the customer experience journey. And the majority of the time, they have to get customers to explain themselves all over again as they hold near zero background story of what had happened.

By leveraging on the right tools, you can set them up for success. In the example above, a CRM software that holds customer data will help your team to deliver a more personalized experience.

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Collaborate at ease

Make sure the workplace is ready to embrace a collaborative workforce.

Tools like Microsoft Teams and Mitel MiCollab brings your team members closer regardless of the distance and build stronger team cohesiveness even when they are working offsite.

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Invest in training and development

Keep your employees engaged with the opportunity to learn.

For example, create an internal portal for learning such as a knowledge base using Microsoft Sharepoint not only saves you time and resources to constantly train the same thing over and over again. It also helps your employees to stay invested in what they do and constantly contributes to the internal wiki, fostering a collaborative learning environment to improve employees' interactions with customers.

Better customer experience helps you drive revenue growth. Want to find out how you can get the aspect right? Contact us today!


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