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Microsoft Surface Hub – More Than Just A Digital Whiteboard

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub

What is the Microsoft Surface Hub?

At the first glance, many of you would have mistaken Microsoft Surface Hub as a 55-inch/84-inch TV. Yes, you are right, Microsoft Surface Hub comes in two sizes, you can get one at either with an 55-inch Surface Hub with Full HD resolution and 120Hz refresh rate matte screen or an 84-inch with 4K resolution.

However, it is definitely much more than just a "television" with a huge display and high resolution. Surface Hub is not the kind of gadget sitting in your office just to impress big clients, it is meant for real work. When we say work, we meant it. Surface Hub, as described by Microsoft, is a "collaboration kiosk", it is meant to sit in a conference room or your office communal space (where companies use for small group discussion).

How You Would Use the Surface Hub?

Unlike a typical personal computer in a company, the user does not log in to Surface Hub. It is in fact design to work seamlessly with your conference room scheduler like your Outlook Calendar app.

Because Surface Hub is meant to be used by the conference room users, it does only stores the data during the meeting sessions and returns to neutral state when the meeting ends to ensure sensitive data shared during the meeting is kept confidential while maintaining a clean slate on the Surface Hub, free from a cluttered desktop like what you have now in front of you.

In order to keep the notes and data created during the meeting, you will need to email the files to you or other meeting attendees. Alternatively, you can log on to your OneDrive or SharePoint to save your meeting notes and data.

Apps Available for Surface Hub

Unlike your Windows powered PC, Surface Hub only supports Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, which means mobile and desktop specific Windows App will not work here.

Popular productivity suites by Microsoft comes pre-installed, including Power BI, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Microsoft Edge. Did we mention it is free? Yes. They come free with your Surface Hub.

Skype For Business on Surface Hub

Unlike your usual experience for Skype For Business on a typical video conference, Surface Hub features two wide-angle, 100-degree field of view camera, place on both sides of the screen. Armed with passive infrared presence sensors, it can identify where the speaker's face is and adjust the camera input accordingly.

For example, when you are doodling on the whiteboard during a presentation to your regional team, instead of forcing the team members to stare at a dark screen, the other camera that is not blocked by you will be activated.

More than A Digital Whiteboard

It is more than a digital whiteboard.

With the screen's multitouch capacity, up to 100 fingers can draw, write, or make selections on the screen at the same time.

Instead of busy taking out your mobile devices to take a snapshot of the meeting notes from your good old fashion whiteboard, you can email it to all attendees with a few taps on the screen.

Surface Hub is capable of many amazing things and it helps to improve your team's interaction during meetings. It is more than just a giant tablet/TV or whatever you want to call it.


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