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Rethinking Internal Communications. Top 3 Challenges for Companies

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Is your organization using the correct tools & solutions to facilitate modern workplace communication?

With an ever increasing mobility workforce, having an open communication among employees has become more crucial than before. Most companies are still focused on external communications, they often neglect another important piece of the puzzle - Internal communication

Internal communication primarily allows employees to feel that they can easily communicate with their team members as well as upper management, because this contributes to productivity and overall results. When communication become blocked or made inefficient, informal networks, rumors, and uncoordinated messages often fill the void.

According to a research by the Corporate Leadership Council (Gartner), "engaged companies can grow profits three times faster than competitors; and highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organization."

Let's find out what are the top 3 internal communications challenges and how you can tackle them with technology.

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Managing remote teams

In the modern workplace environment, remote working is on the rise. Some employees hardly worked from an office anymore. Thus the emphasis for team engagement has never been as crucial as before.

One of the communication hindrance that a remote team faced will be the lack of cohesiveness. So how can you overcome this?

By improving communication between team members, you can be sure to cultivate relationships of trust that are essential for any team working toward a collective goal. It will also minimise the possibility of any miscommunications, which could result in possible impact on timeline or quality of work.

With an instant messaging tool and conferencing features integrated into a unified communications solution, you can effectively put across your message without getting everyone into a room. With technology enablement, you cut down on valuable time conducting face-to-face meetings that have little impact on your goals and objectives.

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Managing an efficient sales force

Aside from remote teams, sales team who are constantly on the go require a seamless communication to connect them with the sales support team based in the office.

In today's competitive workplace, a sales team that can quickly convey valuable information to customers will always have an advantage over the competition.

With an efficient unified communication solution, you can now equip your sales team with ready-to-use information that are accessible at all times, minimising redundant delay in releasing information.

Maintaining a connection with employees

To ensure a high level of employee motivation, winning their trust in a credible manner requires tremendous effort, but with appropriate tools for communications that allows for greater accessibility and having great reach, your efforts are likely to pay off for the entire team.

One great example will be to maintain an open dialogue with your team members, to ensure that no one is left out of the community. Unified communication solution can help facilitate open communication between team members, to rally them and foster teamwork.

Leveraging on innovative technology can help manage the challenges of running a business and reduce the frustrations associated with unreliable communications, both internally and externally.

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