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The Real Business Benefits of Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing – Your First Step to Digital Transformation

In the recent years, the phrase "digital transformation" has been the hottest topic in the tech world. However, this buzzword has been used over and over again and most of us might not know how this matters to them.

Digital transformation is the phase whereby businesses transform and improve their organisation activities, process and competencies with the help of new technology. This transformation usually results in improved productivity (man hours savings) and cost reduction.

You can take part in digital transformation by first transforming the core of all businesses – communications.

Communications make up the core of all companies, from email services, telephony services to internet connections. Let us discuss the benefits of integrating video conferencing solutions and how it can transform your business.

Save unnecessary travel cost

For most enterprises, travel cost associated with your employee travel are extremely high. Some tangible travel cost includes flight tickets, accommodations, food and transportation expense. While other intangible travel cost includes the productivity hours wasted during transit, on flight etc.

With video conferencing, you are just a click away from the meeting or conferences held by your overseas counterparts.

Increase your productivity hours

The phrase "productivity" sounds passé and how can a video conferencing solution benefit you in this area?

Aside from the time wasted during transit and on flight, other intangible factors such as travel fatigue and jet lag due to time zone difference can hinder your employees' productivity.

In contrary, video conferencing provides them the flexibility to schedule meeting in a favourable time that fits both parties, and avoid travel fatigue that is usually caused by the tiring flight transition.

Share files and presentation with ease

Do you remember the time where you sacrifice hours of your precious sleep time to create the "ultimate" proposal deck, and it simply fails to open up during the meeting simply because the projector is faulty or an incompatible connection port?

Showcase your presentation with all attendees effortlessly without all the complicated setup process and lugging a chunky connection port or converter to a meeting.

Bring the world closer together

Expanding your company footprint has never been easier with technology. When company seek to expand their reach to other markets, the very first thing they will explore are setting up offices in the specific country, incurring a lot of time and capital to achieve.

With video conferencing your company reach can expand exponentially minus the intensive capital investment required to set up offices overseas. Set up virtual sales meeting with clients overseas with a video conferencing solution.


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