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Unified Communications As A Service - 5 Reasons Why CIOs and CTOs Are Obsessed Over It

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What is Unified Communications as a Service?

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a category of "as a service" or "cloud" delivery mechanisms for enterprise communications.

Here are the 5 reasons why UCaaS is highly sought after solutions by companies.

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Reason 1: Dynamic Business Model

According to Gartner, 49% of CIOs report business model change is already underway at their organisations. Businesses are changing their business model dynamically in order to react to the fast-changing business environment. This trend has no sign of slowing down, which pose a challenge for C-Suites in delivering infrastructure to support the constant change business model.

In addition, it also states that "66% of CEOs expect their company to change its business model in the next three years".

In order to support this vision, C-Suites need to identify the right tool to fit their needs and not committing to high CAPEX, which makes UCaaS the perfect fit for them.

Reason 2: Flexible and Scalable

Unlike on-premises setup, UCaaS offers flexibility for the top management to scale up or down their requirements depending on their staff strength.

You are paying based on your usage and reduce wastage. As your team grows, you have the full flexibility to increase more seats to your UCaaS solutions. In contrast, if you are downsizing your team, you can decrease the seat count and does not need to incur any cost that you did not utilise.

Reason 3: Support mobility

According to IWG, 50% of the workforce will be working remotely by 2020.

Businesses in the near future will have to think differently when comes to workspaces and communications. Cloud communications solution like UCaaS checked all the boxes for CIOs and CTOs so they can scale their mobile workforce with ease.

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Reason 4: Enhanced data security

News about data security have hit the headlines but many are still unfamiliar or unsure how they can secure their data.

Cloud solution like UCaaS comes with multi-layered security architecture and it helps to safeguard your business against cyber attacks. There are different types of security controls used, such as deterrent controls, preventative controls, detective controls and corrective controls. All of these things work in tandem to protect your sensitive information and intellectual property.

Instead of building your own secured infrastructure, you can tap into the expertise of cloud provider without you spending extras for the additional security.

Reason 5: Reduce cost

Given the speed of growth in technology and software, it is nearly impossible for individual businesses to spend regularly to ensure their software and technology is up to date.

You no longer need to buy hardware or expensive software that you cannot fully utilise, with UCaaS, you only pay for what you use. The cost savings can then be passed on to your customers.

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