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Our complete reporting and analytics portfolio offers insight across enterprise resources, customers, and media. Explore tools for call recording, speech analytics, quality management, workforce management, and training.

Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization helps organisations to capture, analyse, and act on information to improve workforce performance, customer interactions and customer service processes. With these end-to-end offerings, companies can uncover trends and discover why certain employee and customer behaviour is occurring.

  • Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring
  • Workforce Management
  • Speech Analytics
  • Customer Feedback Surveys

It is designed for businesses with complex contact-center operations and high call volume. Call Management System is a database, administration, and reporting application to help businesses identify operational issues and take immediate action to solve them.

Avaya Workforce Optimization Select (AWFOS) delivers flexible, scalable and enterprise-level Workforce Optimization capabilities such as robust voice and screen recording, quality management, call monitoring, coaching, e-learning and full reporting capabilities.

Avaya Control Manager takes a deeper and more meaningful look at customer interactions. It unites all relevant data and securely capture, analyze, and store customer interactions to identify service excellence and areas of improvement for your contact center.

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