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Cloud-based contact center solution.

PureCloud Engage
A fully integrated, cloud-based, omnichannel customer engagement solution that innovates customer and agent experience.

PureCloud Engage empowers you with

  • Multichannel routing
  • Speech-enabled IVR
  • Outbound campaigns
  • Recording and quality management
  • Reporting
  • Graphical scripting
  • CRM integrations

A single fully-integrated on-premises software solution for the contact center.

Customers expect nothing less than service excellence when they contact you. In fact, they deserve the most efficient and knowledgeable experience you can give them. With the Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) from Genesys, you deliver an exceptional experience to every customer you serve.

Exceed customer expectations and build loyalty.

The CIC solution allows your contact center to take a highly personalized, all-in-one approach to customer care. An approach that lets you better anticipate — and exceed — customer expectations.

  • Give customers their choice of contact options — voice, email, fax and chat, as well as SMS, business objects, and social media
  • Connect customers with a knowledgeable agent faster
  • Develop and manage creative outbound campaigns to build your brand and customer loyalty, and open new revenue streams Improve agent training and agent performance — remote agents included
  • Elevate service levels and customer satisfaction with real-time monitoring and full-time operational visibility
  • Move to IP networks, voice over IP (VoIP) and the cloud with a clear path architected on the SIP standard
  • Support at-home agents, remote locations and mobile employees with ease

Improve operational performance and achieve better customer service.
CIC’s suite of integrated contact center applications brings together interaction processes and customer service best practices. And whenever needed, scales to advanced functionality via CIC’s simple application licensing.

  • PBX/IP-PBXACD/multimedia queuing
  • Quality monitoring and reporting
  • IVR & self service automation
  • Knowledge management
  • Workforce management (WFM)Real-time speech analytics
  • Outbound dialling
  • Multimedia recording
  • Screen recording
  • Agent scoring
  • Multi-site routing
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Business process routing and tracking

Take your Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) solution to the next level.

The Genesys WFO suite gives you the tools you need to analyze agent performance and customer interactions within your contact center to efficiently manage customer service and agent performance. To provide your managers with information they need to better help customers and measure the success of their workforce, our WFO suite includes workforce management, customer feedback surveys, speech analytics and interaction, and screen recording.

With our WFO suite, managers can identify problems and inefficiencies – from individual agents being out of adherence to capturing words and phrases that best represent your service strategy. The Interactive WFO suite also identifies customer issues such as first call resolution to provide insight to customer interactions and key improvement areas.

Cultivating customer loyalty is all about managing customer service and analyzing agent performance and customer interactions in usable detail. Our integrated WFO suite for workforce management gives you the tools to run customer feedback surveys, speech analytics, and multichannel interaction and screen recording.

With everything in one WFO solution, contact center managers can identify and remedy inefficiencies and problems throughout operations. And with better service as the goal, your business can ensure adherence, improve first-call resolution rates, gauge perception of your organization, and focus on improvement.

As a whole, the tools in our WFO suite can help you improve the customer experience and foster loyalty at the same time.

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