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A single fully-integrated software solution for the contact center.
Customers expect nothing less than service excellence when they contact you. In fact, they deserve the most efficient and knowledgeable experience you can give them. With the Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) from Genesys, you deliver an exceptional experience to every customer you serve.
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Unified Communications
Launch business communications for the entire enterprise.
Genesys offers solutions for the modern enterprise that scale from 100 users to tens of thousands of users.
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Business Process Automation
Get real benefits from process automation.
Communications-Based Process Automation (CBPA) provides a more complete foundation for improving processes. Blending people and work together with greater precision, CBPA applies the unified communications technologies and practices that contact centers use to speed processes for interaction management and customer service. For business processes, CBPA positions companies to accomplish more in less time.
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Cloud-based Solutions
Embrace the cloud without compromise.
The cloud is exploding in popularity. Companies expect a higher level of assurance and trust when moving critical business communications to the cloud. The Genesys offering, Communications as a Service (CaaS), is uniquely architected to do just that. What’s more, CaaS is powered by an all-in-one software platform, Customer Interaction Center™, and proven over and over in more than 4,500 customer sites worldwide.
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Workforce Optimization (WFO)
Take your Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) solution to the next level.
The Genesys WFO suite gives you the tools you need to analyze agent performance and customer interactions within your contact center to efficiently manage customer service and agent performance. To provide your managers with information they need to better help customers and measure the success of their workforce, our WFO suite includes workforce management, customer feedback surveys, speech analytics and interaction, and screen recording.
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