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Business Process Automation

Get real benefits from process automation.

Communications-Based Process Automation (CBPA) provides a more complete foundation for improving processes. Blending people and work together with greater precision, CBPA applies the unified communications technologies and practices that contact centers use to speed processes for interaction management and customer service. For business processes, CBPA positions companies to accomplish more in less time.

When you automate business processes with a unified solution from beginning to end, the return on your investment is far more measurable.

Reduce operational costs by decreasing the number of employees and amount of time involved in a given business process and minimizing process latency and human error.
Complete processes faster by keeping processes moving, on schedule, and visible at all times. IPA keeps all parties in continuous contact with its communications-based platform.
Apply process automation enterprise wide for simple processes (time off requests, approvals, information gathering, etc.) as well as more complex processes (claims processing, order fulfillment, patient scheduling, etc.).

Improve your processes. Improve your business.

CBPA leverages Interaction Process Automation™ (IPA) and communication technologies proven in contact centers for more than a decade:

  • Intelligent queuing and routing – Prioritize and deliver work to the right people in your organization.
  • Presence – Determine personnel availability to perform the work in real-time.
  • Recording – Record and review communications used (calls, chats, emails, faxes) within a business process for guideline adherence and compliance.
  • Real‐time monitoring – Get real-time visibility into every step of a work process including statistics, alerts for errors and delays, and the ability to “coach” employees through processes whenever needed.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) – Involve employees in business processes from anywhere in the world with Internet-based VoIP networks that provide location independence.
  • Content management – Use this complete solution for document management, imaging, and workflow processes that are central to overall business processes.

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