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Freedom to work – anytime, anywhere, on any device

With today’s diverse workforce, communications solutions must conform to the needs of individuals and organizations, not the other way around. Whether desk workers, corridor warriors, teleworkers, or fully-mobile workers, users demand the same feature-rich communications experience they have in the office, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

Mitel® Mobility Solutions are a continuum of Mitel’s Freedom Architecture, leveraging the same single software stream to deliver a consistent user experience wherever business happens. This approach gives you the freedom to choose the device or devices, the network type, and the environment – dedicated or virtualized – to support individual communication preferences and requirements without compromise or added complexity.

Mitel Mobility Solutions move with you from moment to moment to ensure that you’re always in touch, regardless of your location, and give you:

  • Freedom of an “in-office” communications experience from anywhere
  • Freedom to use almost any mobile device you choose
  • Freedom of a single identity, with one phone number, voice mailbox, and extension

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