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Mitel’s Unified Messaging simplifies your messaging system with easy-to-use call handling features such as auto attendant and message management of voice mail, fax, and email.

Your employees are constantly struggling with communications overload, they are forced to use several devices to deal with multiple voicemail boxes, e-mails and fax messages, all while trying to be more accessible and responsive to their valued customers.

With Mitel’s unified messaging solutions, you are able to enhance the messaging system you need today, and cost-effectively add applications, features and capacity as your business grows and evolves over time. From basic voicemail to advanced unified messaging and collaboration applications, Mitel offers the features you need, when you need them.

Mitel Messaging solutions:

  • Increase productivity by simplifying and streamlining communications
  • Improve accessibility and responsiveness by giving your users control over how, when and by whom they are reached
  • Make communications independent of location for mobile workers and telecommuters
  • Deliver carrier-grade scalability (over 100K users) and reliability at an enterprise price point
  • Fit seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and are easily managed to lower your total cost of ownership

MiVoice Embedded Messaging
Embedded Messaging is available within all Mitel communications platforms, and delivers a cost-effective voice messaging solution.

MiCollab Unified Messaging
MiCollab Unified Messaging can help your business become more responsive by enabling employees to access and manage their voice mail, e-mail, and fax messages from their PC or telephone.

NuPoint Unified Messaging
Mitel’s NuPoint Unified Messaging solution is a highly scalable, robust, and sophisticated messaging solution, scaling up to 120,000 users, and offers unique deployment integrations, such as Hospitality, and is available for physical or virtual deployments.


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