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Design and Implementation

A communications solution is a big investment for any enterprise. That’s why it’s important for you to make the right choices from the very start. With over 35 years in enterprise telecommunications, Radiance is well equipped to advise you in the areas of converged voice, data and video network architecture, and provide you expert services in solution integration and deployment.

Consultation and Assessment
As a critical driving force for your business, your communications system needs to correspond with your business processes and objectives. To help you align the two, we start with a consultation on your business requirements before conducting a thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure, hardware and software needs. We know that a wise investment is a solid communications solution that can yield high returns, and we want to provide you with a solution that optimises your enterprise’s connectivity at the best available cost.

Design and Architecture
With a firm understanding of your business, work processes and needs, we will begin to design a solution according to your specifications. Radiance helps you refine your requirements with amendments and additions into an actionable and measureable blueprint, ensuring it is a perfect fit for your enterprise. We take every care to create and customise a unique solution that gives you maximum performance and optimal time completion.

Implementation and Deployment
Before actual on-site installation and implementation, a simulated set-up of your telephony requirements will be created in our lab for a preliminary test. This is to mitigate risk against any imminent disruption and to safeguard the existing network infrastructure. An elaborate plan will be introduced and reviewed with you to ensure the appropriate tests are extensively conducted in meeting the quality plan for implementation.

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